GS Global hopes to work with talented, creative and enthusiastic individuals.

GS Global Leadership Credo

Respect & Trust
GS Global Leaders work hard to earn trust from colleagues and customers by being self-critical and respectful.
Learn & Try
GS Global Leaders must be innovative to create higher values for customers and the company by continuously learning and trying without fear of failure.
While encouraging individual creativity, GS Global Leaders always stress teamwork to produce the best results.
GS Global Leaders must think and act on a long-term perspective for sustainable growth of the company.
Act fast on Calculated Risks
GS Global Leaders deliver results by acting fast but value calculated risk taking.
Think Globally, Act Locally
GS Global Leaders have a global mindset but understand local contexts well to be a trusted partner in key markets.
Highest Standards
GS Global Leaders should develop relentlessly to reach highest standards of capabilities and foster next generation leaders through coaching.
Quality Networking
GS Global Leaders build high-quality networks and take advantage of this to create new business opportunities.