GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.

Coal & Biomass

GS Global is accumulating an integrated value chain of coal, the key energy to industry development.
Having 40 years of experience in the coal business, GS Global has been procuring coal from diverse countries such as Indonesia, Russia and Australia to supply to power plants and cement industry in Korea. Moreover, we have been enlarging our business scope by utilizing our overseas networks to supply Indonesian and Russian coal to the Chinese and Taiwanese market.
GS Global is accumulating an integrated value chain from production of coal to direct delivery at the power plants. In 2017, we successfully acquired shares of BSSR, one of major coal mining companies in Indonesia and has been persistently providing its off-take tonnages to the domestic and international market.

To expand the downstream sector, development of coal terminal has been commenced which can accommodate 100,000ton vessel in Donghae port in the east coast of South Korea.

We will continue to enlarge our upstream and downstream value chain to develop sustainable coal business portfolio.


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