GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.


GS Global provides imported car PDI services, unloading and transporting services, tank terminal services, and special vehicles manufacturing business.
GS Global is aiming for the leading complex logistics company, along with its logistics-specialized subsidiary of PLS corp. To this end, we have provided premium PDI (pre-delivery inspection) services for imported cars and expanded the value chain of logistics into the unloading and transporting services, tank terminal services, and the manufacturing of special vehicles based on our experiences in PDI services.

With over 20 years of accumulation of know-how in the PDI business for imported cars, we created a large-scale PDI facility of approximately 221,487㎡ at the free trade zone near Pyeongtaek port on the west coast of Korea. By utilizing our large-scale PDI facility, we are able to provide the best services to automobile companies such as Honda, Nissan, Inifiniti, Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Toyota, and GM with our latest PDI system, allowing us to secure the dominant market share in Korea.

We launched the unloading and transporting services in May 2014 and currently transport energy fuels such as thermal coals and PKS (palm kernel shells) through Incheon and Pyeongtaek ports and plan to expand our service area to the Donghae port on the east coast of Korea.

In addition, we operate a tank terminal with 13 storage tanks (total liquid storage is 120,850kl) exclusively for liquid cargo such as petrochemical and chemical products so that we can quickly ship various petrochemical products to land and sea.

Our special vehicle manufacturing business unit manufactures and supplies aircraft refueling vehicles for domestic and overseas clients with the production capacity of over 80 vehicles per year. Currently, we export aircraft refueling vehicles to Pakistan and Egypt. Moreover, we plan to expand our target markets to Southeast Asia and the Middle East and also diversify the product line to hydrant dispensers, aerial platform trucks, road sweeping trucks, fire trucks and etc.


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