GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.


GS Global provides ‘Robot Platform Solution’ based on new industrial items.
GS Global provides solutions and diverse purchase options for new industrial items such as
collaborative robot, mobile robot, gripper, vision and etc.
Our solutions are applicable to all industries from manufacturing to service area.
Business Model
Value Proposition
Multi brands
We provide optimized solutions for customers with various items (cobot, mobile robot, gripper, vision and etc.,) and brands.

Lifetime service
We provide all solutions throughout product’s lifespan from initial consultation, solution development, installation,
operation training, regular inspection, maintenance, disposal/replacement, to proposal of new products.

Diverse purchase options
Several purchase options are available at reasonable price. With short and long term rental service,
customers can verify effectiveness prior to final decision and reduce initial investment cost respectively.
Main items
1. Collaborative robot (Cobot)
Unlike traditional industrial robot, collaborative robot can co-work with humans even in small space without its safety fences.

2. Mobile robot
Mobile robot performs to load/unload and transport products from one place to another. Autonomous Mobile Robot(AMR), and Automated Guided Vehicle(AGV) are most common mobile robots.
3. Gripper, vision camera
Gripper/vision camera are one of main end-effectors that enable collaborative robot to serve a variety of applications.

Our robot platform solution is not only applicable to manufacturing industry such as automotive and electronics, but
also to service area like café and restaurants. GS Global provide optimal solutions meeting customer’s needs and
requirements in many different area.


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