Value No.1 Solution Provider, GS Global

Corporate History

A new step forward & Business diversification

2009 ~ Now


Launch of BYD EV 1-Ton Truck 'T4K'

GS Global launched BYD EV 1-ton truck 'T4K'. Moving forward, we will actively expand our commercial electric vehicle lineup to promote the adoption of commercial electric vehicles in the domestic market.


Entry into the Electric Vehicle Market

GS Global signed a distributor agreement with the global automotive group BYD for the commercial sector, initiating the domestic sales of electric buses. GS Global is committed to responding to environmental regulations and operating sustainable business through the expansion of the e-mobility sector.


Acquiring shares of BSSR

GS Global acquired shares of BSSR, one of the largest coal mining companies in Indonesia, and obtained the off-take right to secure BSSR coal.
BSSR produces 10 million of thermal coal on a yearly basis. GS Global will diversify its coal trading portfolio through various types of business models.


Securing New Growth Energies

GS Global merged with GS Entec, a chemical machinery and power generator producing company, as a part of its plan to secure future growth engines.
By advancing into the manufacturing industry, GS Global has obtained a stable business portfolio that goes beyond the former boundaries of the operation areas as a general trading company.


Integrated into GS Group and A New Step Forward

GS Global was officially integrated into GS Group in July 2009.
GS Global has been playing the key role as GS Group's overseas business platform, and taking a leap forward to become a "Value No.1 Solution Provider".

Pioneering new markets & Expanding Business Areas

1976 ~ 2008


Expansion of Logistics and Domestic Distribution Business

GS Global opened Korea’s first and biggest PDI center for automobiles import in Incheon as a part of the business diversification plan.
The PDI center later was relocated to Pyeongtaek in 2011. In 2008, GS Global newly entered into the Leisure Sports business by selling various types of bicycles.


Awarded with the Export Tower Prize

In addition to the 100 Million Dollar Export Tower Prize in 1975 and 1 Billion Dollar Export Tower Prize in 1982, GS Global was awarded with the 2 Billion Dollar Export Tower Prize in 1991.


Expansion of Foreign Resources Imports

As a general trading company, GS Global not only strived in exports, but also began to develop foreign natural resources in full-fledge.
The company has provided coal from China, Indonesia, Russia and Australia to domestic customers.


Construction of Cement Distribution Terminals in Japan

GS Global Japan Corporation made equipment investments to construct cement distribution network base in Japan.
Consequently, GS Global now operates 3 cement silos in Japan, supplying high-quality cement to Japanese customers.


Opening up of Chinese Market

Recognizing the potentials of Chinese market since the 1980s, GS Global initiated indirect trading with China via GS Global Hong Kong Corporation.
The Company established the Beijing Office (1991), Guangzhou Office (1993), Shanghai Office (1993) and Dalian Office (1993), solidifying its position as a pioneer in the Chinese markets.
Specifically, Beijing and Shanghai offices each accomplished exports over $100 million dollars within the first five years of its establishment.


Listed on the Stock Exchange

GS Global listed its shares on the stock exchange in June 1976.

Establishment & Designated as a general trading company

1954 ~ 1975


Designated as a General Trading Company

GS Global was designated as Korea’s 2nd General Trading Company and played a significant role in developing the national economy.


Awarded with the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit

GS Global was awarded with the Gold Tower Order of Industrial Service Merit in November 1972.


Creation of Global Network

In 1964, GS Global opened its first overseas office in Tokyo, Japan.
The company consecutively opened its international offices in New York and Jakarta, further expanding its global network.
The Tokyo and New York Offices were later converted to GS Global Japan Corporation (1977) and GS Global U.S.A. Inc. (1973).


Establishment of Kumsung Industry Corporation

In 1954, Kumsung Industry Corporation was established as a company specialized in international import and export.
The company was first located at 63, 2-ga, Jeodong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea.
Kumsung Industry changed its name to Ssangyong in 1975, and maintained the name until its integration into GS Group in 2009.