Achieving Sustainable Growth Trough ESG Value

Sustainability Organization

GS Global operates a council on Sustainability aiming at environment (E), society (S) and governance (G).

Board of Directors
  • Examination and approval of ESG-related policies/regulations
Sustainability Committee
  • Company-wide council to determine ESG policies
  • Comprised of CEO and management committee members
Sustainability TF
  • Practical assistance organization for the Sustainability committee
  • The practical council consists of personnel in charge of relevant departments
ESG Rating (Evaluation Agency: KCGS)
Year of evaluation Overall rating Environment (E) Society (S) Governance (G)
2023 B+ B+ B+ B+
2022 B+ C B+ B+
2021 B+ B B+ A
- Evaluation Agency : Korea Corporate Governance Service(KCGS)