Value No.1 Solution Provider, GS Global

CEO’s Message

Young-Hwan Lee photo

“We will have a sustainable businesses portfolio by strengthening the competitiveness of major businesses and creating future growth engines.”

Welcome, we sincerely appreciate all our customers for visiting GS Global’s website.
Owing to the support and interest of our customers and shareholders, GS Global Corp has overcome multiple crises and obstacles since its establishment in 1954, and has grown to current state.

Our vision of being the "Value No.1 solution provider" has driven us to strive to create new value and provide optimal solutions for our customers.

Furthermore, GS Global has established a mid to long term growth strategy called "Sustainable Growth through Black to Green Transition". This strategy involves consolidating our existing business as a cash cow and focusing on eco-friendly business opportunities represented by 'Green’.

Through these efforts, we will continue to provide you with the best value and strive to become a socially responsible company through enhancing shareholder value and prioritizing ESG management.

We ask for your continued support and encouragement to become a sustainable and trusted company.

Thank you.
GS Global Corp.
President & CEO
Young-Hwan Lee