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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a globally-oriented company, GS Global plays a leading role in serving its
corporate social responsibilities and making the world a better place
by supporting community development.
Sponsor Youth Soccer Class for Multicultural Families (FC Seoul)
We have been providing opportunities to children of multiethnic families to participate in youth soccer classrooms every year to protect their dreams and hope for the future from difficulties and discriminations of the mainstream society.
We will continue to provide support to the youth soccer class for children of multiethnic backgrounds to nurture the social and physical growth so that they can grow up with many talents to contribute for the future of the society.
Support Children in Poverty in Other Countries
(World Vision)
Every month, employees voluntarily make donations to help children in poverty. These children are not able to reach the minimum level of education and take basic medical care due to extreme poverty.
We have been supporting children living in India, El Salvador, Malawi, and Kenya, and plan to continually increase the number of children we support in the future.
Provide Support for the Underprivileged (Social Welfare Community Chest)
We regularly donate funds (twice a year) to the underprivileged, such as the facilities for disabled people located nearby our Pyeongtaek office and for low-income families in the local area.
We will continue to provide supports for the underprivileged in our local communities to deliver joy through love and sharing. Our devotion to make our society a better place will be delivered through our continuous social contributions.