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Corporate Social Responsibility

GS Global supports social venturing start-ups in cooperation with KOICA in order to contribute to society by utilizing our overseas business experiences and know-how.
Signed MOU with KOICA
We signed a MOU (memorandum of understanding) with KOICA to support social venturing start-ups. The MOU includes the support of start-up businesses selected for the CTS Program , KOICA’s new official development assistance business (ODA), by strengthening their business capacities, providing assistance when entering the international market, lending funds through our subsidiaries and affiliates, etc. GS Global participates in selecting blue chip companies by applying our perspectives as a general trading company.
GS Global is making every effort to expand its role in corporate citizenship to grow together with the start-up companies, by utilizing its capabilities to the full extent.
Support in Building Business Capability
Since 2018, we have been operating an international trading education institute as a part of our social venturing start-ups support project as a means to strengthen their business capabilities.
We have a practical experience-based curriculum such as trade contract, payment, transportation / insurance, customs / customs reimbursement, etc. We operate the educational program twice a year, and will continue to support start-ups to enhance their business capabilities.
Support International Business Expansion
Since 2017, we have been supporting the advancement of social venturing start-up companies to enter the international market by utilizing our global network.
We utilize our corporate branch competencies to support CTS company promotion, local business trips, customer meetings, and customs process of import/export logistics, etc.
We got some achievements by promoting start-up companies and their products to existing customers and partners.
Support by GS Group
Since 2017, we have been supporting the growth of social venturing start-up companies in cooperation with the group affiliates.
We utilize our incorporation infrastructure and support sales of their products through product promotion.
We are planning/reviewing/preparing to open new markets by employing our sales network infrastructure, supporting direct investment or inducing indirect investment.



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