GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.

Coal & Biomass

GS Global is extending the business for biomass as both fuel and raw material.
Pioneering the domestic biomass market from its very beginning, GS Global has been providing power plants in Korea with biomass fuel from diversified sources. The fuel includes wood pellets and PKS from South East Asia and North America.

To respond to the requirements of domestic bio-chemical business field, we are expanding our business to supply diverse raw materials for production of bio-buthanol and 2,3-BDO.
Through the development of biomass value chain, we are bound for the next phase seeking for investment opportunities in wood pellet factories to extend our business field. Furthermore, studies are being undertaken in acquiring shares of overseas biomass power plants to extend our business scope.

In addition, owing to our expertise among the domestic market and overseas network, we are seeking for possibilities to supply eco-friendly to Japanese power plants.


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