GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.

Industrial Products

GS Global is aiming to become a world-class trading company specialized in
bio energy, cement, industrial products and living commodities
GS Global supplies a wide range of palm oil & related products to meet growing bio-energy demand worldwide and also supplies cement & related materials to the world including Asia. In addition, we are establishing our capacity as a professional trader through our diverse trading businesses of industrial machinery, plant equipment and machinery materials and others.
Business field
We supply East Asian RBD palm oils and European stearin oils to meet the majority of GS Bio’s annual demands to manufacture biodiesels, as well as export domestic biodiesels to the United States. We also import fermented Ethyl Alcohol from Brazil and Pakistan.
We supply cement to local companies in Japan through its distribution bases (silos) located in two Japanese regions (Yokohama and Nagoya) and trade clinkers and cements between Asian countries. We also engage in importing special cements from Europe and handling cement-related materials (gypsum, slag, etc.) from numerous countries.
Machinery / Material
We supply various industrial equipment such as plant equipment including special valves, laser processing machines, robotic welding machines and also offers commercial vehicles, transformers, and other diverse machinery & equipment. In addition, we covers a wide range of materials/components, such as high-end materials including ingots for forging, tools and mold steels, high alloy steels, nonferrous alloys, and wind generator shafts and ferrite magnets for automotive motors, and etc.
In order to secure the growth engines for the future, we are continuously seeking opportunities for new trading businesses and investments. While securing stable trades with current suppliers and customers, we aim to expand our business into China, Europe, and the Middle East.

We also plan to enlarge our business sphere by entering off-take investments of palm oil refineries in Southeast Asia, thereby taking part in a vertical supply chain management from palm oil production to biodiesel exports. We promote the supply of cement and related materials to the Americas and Africa. By analyzing the ever-changing market for cements of each country, we are able to pioneer a optimal business structure according to market trends.

We intend to expand the machinery and plant equipment businesses in Asia, the Middle East and Europe and continuously explore new items to prepare for the upcoming fourth industrial revolution. By discovering new demands for machineries and equipment as well as aggressive sales to meet the needs of our customers, we hope to uncover potentials in promising markets to provide optimal solutions to our customers.


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