GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.

Petroleum & Chemicals

GS Global engages in import, export and triangular trade of petrochemicals, polymers, and inorganic chemical products.
GS Global has been trading wide array of products including petrochemicals, polymers and inorganic chemical products. In addition, GS Global continues to add new values to its related business, through its strong global network, covering areas such as Asia, Middle East, America and Europe etc.
Petrochemical : BZ, TL, Xylene, MEG, PTA etc.
Polymer : PE, PP, ABS, EPS, PET etc.
Inorganic chemical : TiO2, Sulfur etc.
GS Global has been strengthening its strategic partnership with domestic and overseas customers. Through these efforts, we aim to become a pioneer by developing new markets and securing new growth engine for the future.


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