GS Global is continuously expanding its business fields for sustainable growth.

SOC Development Business

GS Global engages in SOC business, including the development of Pyeongtaek port and port-hinterland construction projects to expand its logistics business.
GS Global is pursuing SOC development projects to enhance its business capabilities for integrated logistics services and expand its business area with logistics infrastructure properties.

The SOC development projects are centered on Pyeongtaek Port, the hub of our logistics business. The port of Pyeongtaek, which is highly accessible to the nation's metropolitan area and central region, is growing into a western coastal international port under the government's third basic port plan, and is expected to grow as a hub for the rapidly rising logistics and regional economic growth in Northeast Asia.

We received a business approval from the government for the development of 2 berths scale bulk cargo port at Pyeongtaek port in 2015. And we were also nominated as the developer for the port-hinterland construction project, a seashore reclamation of approximately 1,000,000㎡ near Pyeongtaek port. With these projects, we will contribute to expanding infrastructure to counter the increase of cargo volume in Pyeongtaek port.

Recently, we obtained a new approval from the government for the coal terminal development at Donghae port, which is one of the major international ports on the east coast of Korea. With the coal terminal at Donghae as well as a bulk cargo port at Pyeongtaek, we will be able to secure the distinctive position in the market as a power resources vender.

Through the SOC development business, we will secure our capabilities as a project developer and contribute to expanding infrastructure in accordance with government development policies.


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